Cinder Well (USA) European Tour 2019 am 9. April im Klub Witzenhausen

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Cinder Well (USA) European Tour 2019 am 9. April im Klub Witzenhausen

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Cinder Well will tour Germany and the Netherlands from April 2nd-15th.
Amelia Baker, Cinder Well’s brainchild, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist will be joined on the tour by a string duo from the Pacific Northwest;
Marit Schmidt (Vradiazei) and Mae Kessler.

“This is a folk record that’s heavy in all the right ways.”

“Amelia Baker’s voice is both sombre and exquisite, and the whole album
is a melancholy masterpiece of some astonishing quality.”
-Folk Horror Revival

“Melodic, dreamy, but also urgent, this is Cinder Well’s folk calling.”
-Where the Music Meets

Cinder Well is the haunting folk project of Amelia Baker, member of folk-punk acts Blackbird Raum and Gembrokers. Baker’s songwriting is
nostalgic and moving, centered around memory, loss, place, and longing. While heavily influenced by traditional American and Irish music and
song, Cinder Well is deeply personal and original. Amelia Baker’s mourning vocals are framed with resonator guitar, shruti box, and
strings, and her lyrics and cathartic melodies wrap listeners in a surrealist world just adjacent to our own.

Support: Wank Hilliams (Folk Punk from Witzenhausen)

Concert starts at 9 pm. Open doors 8 pm. Bring your own drinks.
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