Looking for WG-Zimmer as early as possible

Mit Garten? Balkon? Einsiedler Lage? Ökostrom? Internetzugang?
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Looking for WG-Zimmer as early as possible

Beitrag von ElisaIsl » 12. Sep 2019, 22:10

Hello people!

My name is Elisa, I'm a 26 year old Mexican girl looking for housing in Witzenhausen. I'll be studying a Master in International Food Business and Consumer Studies at Kassel University. I understand german but I still have to practice my speaking, which I will soon.

I enjoy the simple things in life, a good song, food, walk. On my free time I like doing sports, running, photography, reading, or discover new places. I like meeting new people and learning different cultures, I think that's the key to understanding.

Here is my contact information, please let me know if you have something available:
Whatsap: +52 1 818 799 31 22
Email: elisaig93@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elisa.islas.90

Hopefully we will meet soon! ;D